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Here are the 7 main elements that describe how the StoryBrand Framework works and will lead to more conversions and sales:

1. Character

In the StoryBrand Framework, it’s essential to focus on the customer as the hero of the story, rather than the brand.

Your messaging should position the customer as the focal character, highlighting their relatable problems and aspirations.

This approach allows the audience to see themselves in your narrative, fostering a stronger connection with the brand and its message.

2. Problem

A compelling story kicks off with a problem.

This can be an external or internal issue tied directly to the customer’s journey.

Websites should clearly communicate the fundamental challenges or pain points that clients experience.

This problem is the catalyst for the narrative, engaging visitors and pulling them into the story.

3. The Guide

Websites need to present the brand as the guide—the wise mentor who helps the hero (the customer) navigate and overcome their problems.

This positions the brand as a trusted advisor, establishing authority and reliability.

4. The Plan

A clear and actionable path is crucial.

Websites should present a step-by-step process or solution for the hero (the customer) to follow.

This roadmap to success helps visitors easily understand how the brand can assist them.

5. Call to Action

Websites must feature a compelling call to action (CTA).

This directs the hero (the customer) on the next steps to take, whether it’s signing up, making a purchase, or contacting the brand.

A well-designed CTA drives engagement and boosts conversion.

6. Help to Avoid Failure

To generate urgency and relevance, websites should emphasize the negative consequences of inaction.

This helps the hero (the customer) understand the risks involved and motivates them to follow your guidance.

7. Success

Your website should vividly illustrate the success clients achieve by following your guidance.

Incorporate testimonials from clients whose stories resonate with your target audience, showcasing how your brand has led them to significant results.

This creates an inspiring narrative that encourages visitors to take action and reach their own goals with your support.


Now, with your website designed in this manner, you’ll start converting visitors into customers on a regular and continuous basis!

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